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A Sense of Spirit

The entry that you are about to read was triggered by a new project by Canton Becker who I have known through the years to be both a remarkably down-to-Earth and likable guy, and a uniquely skilled digital creator.

Recently he began a project I’ve been participating in that I would recommend to anyone who can type or use voice recognition software. It’s just neat. You can find it at  The gist is that he asks a new question or poses an idea, and you write about it, storing it in his servers until it is served up later for you, like a time capsule. It’s kinda cool…

To illustrate a sense of my most recent entry, I would pose a 30 second film.  As I cannot post video on this site just yet, please go to this link ~ 30 Seconds of Beauty

Now, the post:

I got stuck on a question of spirituality because I was tangled in my thoughts for how to answer. I remember times in my youth when I was sure I was seeing the actions and movements of, if not a conscious, a living and reflexive spiritual plane ~ interacting with my space and time. I also had the contrast of the distance of time since my emotions had fully pressed my thoughts in such a way.

These contrasts, combined with my current experience (which I find oddly detached from what seems like what has historically been my normal path ~ while also seeing realistic benefits of my current situation), contain their own paradoxes and reciprocally reinforcing situations, and they led me to both write unprintable thoughts, due to their Gertrude Steinian obtuseness, and pause. . .

The pause was a lot of thought. The thought bumped into something I was reading and I realized something. I realized that, some time ago, I stopped believing in a difference between the here and there. I’m sure it was a long time ago, and it isn’t all cosmic for me either. I just see everything as connected. Earlier in this script, I wrote of “reflexive”~ness within the relationship of the realm of the spirit world (to use an understood term). See, I’m not sure how much is conscious, and how much is more like how a leaf grows.

Does it take thought for that to happen? No, right? So why should I expect anything different in my life than what other freely thinking creatures, or non-thinking elements get within the strata of attention beyond what my position on the totem pole requires?

As I am eclectically conscious, so is my understanding of the behind-the-scenes workings of the human experience, but as with the most modern of sciences ~ there is still so much that is a mystery that I simply can not claim a prominence of “knowledge” per se beyond my own understanding which I have just explained.


The original question was to describe a spiritual experience. . .

A spiritual experience is when I open a book older than me to read about Tibetan dream-master monks and I can’t get a page in because I need to write this.

The Ocean and its Life

The Ocean and its Life

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