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Thank you 1330!!!

Can I give a big shout out to the amazing work of the call center operators?

Sounds strange at first, I’m sure, but dig this.
Yesterday I got on a train in Korea and hopped off a little later. I had gotten into a massage chair and was a little tipsy. Ten minutes later, with the chair still going, I am at the station and my friends are pulling me out of the chair – well guess what I forgot on the train~ yup, my laptop.
So you can probably guess what happened next, before I’m even out of the train station I realize what happened.
So I got on the phone to a help desk that is designed for travelers in South Korea (1330 from any cell phone. Put in the area code first for local help, otherwise it’s routed centrally.) A woman on the other end of the line was able to explain it to the people at the local station, they were able to call the train and have it sent back.

It was an absolutely fantastic piece of organization on their part. So here it is a giant thank you to the people of the help-desk call center. Cheers!

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