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A poem for a coffee

For M.^.H.appy
©Jim Jordan 2012

With so many bits of thought
Streaming through my mind,
I nearly get filled up
With concepts that I find.

Eg. When I think of you:
My thoughts are rather nice.
And in this time of harvesting
The Autumn’s fields of rice

It’s amber waves
Blowing free in the wind~
I’m a man who simply craves
Light reflecting from your grin.

The wind near your smile
Would be filled with your noise.
I want us to be chatting.
Your ideas, to me, are joys.

And when crafted by your face
They are a wonder to behold.
I was transfixed, you’ll forgive me,
If these words here seem bold.

But I’ve tried to be subtle
And just ask you to drinks.
Perhaps with these stanzas
You’ll come ’round now methinks.

For truly you’re more into
Well thought out banter,
Than some less-rigorous chords
Or an echoless cantor.

So within these quatrains
I will request again
That you join me for a beverage
So that we remain friends.

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Feel free to blink

Honor the struggle.

There were other times in America that things were not okay, and people stood to say so. The unions were made strong only through the power of people who stood strong.

Today a huge list of labor unions are supporting the protesters in New York. Do you?

Do you like having a weekend? A 40 hour week? Minimum wage? Thank the unions.

Yes, they used methods at times that were unkind, even illegal.

Sometimes the lawmakers are wrong.

How about child-labor laws? Safety laws? Thank the unions.

Now we have a new kind of struggle… Stand strong, and you will weather the wind.

In the last three years, over three million American homeowners have had their homes foreclosed around them.

The banks were given lump sums to keep going. Are the American People not too big to fail?

If it’s worth it, it’s worth it.

Remember Civil Rights?

My mom had a job on Capital Hill in D.C. changing the laws. I think that’s cool.

We need a new generation of people to walk into Senate halls and act as the speech writers and the policy shapers, and the voices beside the hopelessly out-of-the-loop-inside-the-beltway talking heads. The pleasant assistant is often the closest confidant.

As a reminder, some years ago, I wrote this piece that is attached below. Take some time and read it. Just to have a snapshot of another era, another time, another battle that I’m reminded of.

My family’s history calls back to the mine wars of Colorado in 1913-14. Maybe you’ve heard about the Ludlow Massacre. I grew up with stories of Matewan, West Virgina and the like (, along with my Americana-laced standardized-suburban nuclear family, when I was young.

How did you grow up?

Here’s an old tale I felt like sharing. Kinda timely I think.

It’s called: Because You Forgot                    (You will need a .pdf viewer to see this.)

An excerpt from Rainshine, copyright 2010, Jim Jordan and Abecediary Press

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