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Stranded in Gimcheon Blues

Got me some stranded in Gimcheon blues
I got me a new pair’a shoes
But I ain’t got nowhere to use’m for
Oh yea, I’m pretty sure
That I am stranded in Gimcheon Ooooooo

There are certain things that make me tired
In this place that I find that I’ve been hired
But mostly it’s looking out into the breeze
And knowing there’s no one around but me.
I’m stranded ooh, stranded in Gimcheon oooh.

I wonder how the others are getting along
Sometimes I think my coming was a little bit wrong
But the money’s so good
That I figure I should stay maybe 400 more days.
I guess I’m blasted in a haze.
Maybe it’s just a faze that I’m goin’ through.
But it’s lasted oh so long!

I’ve been stranded here in Gimcheon
For so long that I can not tell.
I’ve been stranded here in Gimcheon
But it’s makin’ me strong as hell.

While I’m stranded among the fields,
I’m reminded how we played before I strayed
And figured that I’d stay here a year or two

‘Cause now I miss you
And how we did the things we did.
I wanna kiss you ~
But now my mind’s gone blue
And there’s a mess inside my lid.

‘Round here they aint’ go no good brews to drink.
But I got my Irish whiskey and plenty’a time to think.

I think about what I’m gonna do when I’m out a here.
I think about what I’m gonna do this time next year.
So I focus on my studies,
Grow a couple new buddies
And let my mind get muddy when I think about you.

So I try not to do that
Or I get these stuck in Gimcheon blues
And I skat like the past-masters
Just a little bit faster

<<<<<<<*beebop breakdown*>>>>>>>

But it’s really no use at all.
I’ll be here till next fall and that’s just where I am.
Making a home down here
For yet another year.

At least the air is clear here
I can see so far through the hill
But not far enough to see your chill smile.
Soon I will cross the miles,

But until then ~
I’m stranded in Gimcheon. Ohh.
I’m stranded in Gimcheon, oooooo.
I’m stranded in Gimcheon. Awww.
I’m stranded in Gimcheon, oooooo.
I’m stranded in Gimcheon, Wuuuuu.

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