Quick Snapshot

I’m a fella from The United States that has just moved to Korea from Vietnam where I have been teaching.  I’ve taught in Korea before, but have moved into the more rural area of Gim Cheon for this year with EPIK.

I land on a day that most of my friends in the US are landing on another type of soil completely.  Saturday August 27th, 2011 is the first day of the 26th Burning Man.  I have participated quite a few times, and think of them today.

Life is an epic trail.


2 thoughts on “Quick Snapshot

  1. Anna

    I find your posts on the korean countryside really interesting. Do you know “Family outing” with Yoo Jae seok? If not that’s okay. Ever since I watched it, I wanted to visit a “typical” korean village or countryside!! I’m coming to Korea this summer and I shouldn’t miss this opportunity. I was wondering if you had any places to recommend?

    • Well cheers~ Korea is rather amazing~ Never a dull moment, honestly… the only trips are with cultural expectations… They mean it with the hand-on-the-elbow for the money thing, and the foot thing and the chain of command thing… and so many more… it is incredibly bizarre~ I highly recommend it. It’s like jumping into a cartoon without instructions. Bring a hobby and a sense of humor… Wait~ are you moving here, or just coming on vacation???

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