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Stranded in Gimcheon Blues

Got me some stranded in Gimcheon blues
I got me a new pair’a shoes
But I ain’t got nowhere to use’m for
Oh yea, I’m pretty sure
That I am stranded in Gimcheon Ooooooo

There are certain things that make me tired
In this place that I find that I’ve been hired
But mostly it’s looking out into the breeze
And knowing there’s no one around but me.
I’m stranded ooh, stranded in Gimcheon oooh.

I wonder how the others are getting along
Sometimes I think my coming was a little bit wrong
But the money’s so good
That I figure I should stay maybe 400 more days.
I guess I’m blasted in a haze.
Maybe it’s just a faze that I’m goin’ through.
But it’s lasted oh so long!

I’ve been stranded here in Gimcheon
For so long that I can not tell.
I’ve been stranded here in Gimcheon
But it’s makin’ me strong as hell.

While I’m stranded among the fields,
I’m reminded how we played before I strayed
And figured that I’d stay here a year or two

‘Cause now I miss you
And how we did the things we did.
I wanna kiss you ~
But now my mind’s gone blue
And there’s a mess inside my lid.

‘Round here they aint’ go no good brews to drink.
But I got my Irish whiskey and plenty’a time to think.

I think about what I’m gonna do when I’m out a here.
I think about what I’m gonna do this time next year.
So I focus on my studies,
Grow a couple new buddies
And let my mind get muddy when I think about you.

So I try not to do that
Or I get these stuck in Gimcheon blues
And I skat like the past-masters
Just a little bit faster

<<<<<<<*beebop breakdown*>>>>>>>

But it’s really no use at all.
I’ll be here till next fall and that’s just where I am.
Making a home down here
For yet another year.

At least the air is clear here
I can see so far through the hill
But not far enough to see your chill smile.
Soon I will cross the miles,

But until then ~
I’m stranded in Gimcheon. Ohh.
I’m stranded in Gimcheon, oooooo.
I’m stranded in Gimcheon. Awww.
I’m stranded in Gimcheon, oooooo.
I’m stranded in Gimcheon, Wuuuuu.

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Processing transition

So as it stands, if I actually make it through this coming year ~ I’ve just realized ~ it will be the longest I’ve ever kept a job.  Looking back, most of my good work was temporary stuff, and even when I was in a business for many years in a row, like with restaurants (8 years), it was always short-term.  With teaching, and the year-long contracts, I’ve been staying in a place for sure.

It is definitely one of the things that has kept me coming back, and part of why I didn’t like the environment in Vietnam. There, the contract was just so flexible ~ even to being written to allow for it, that it didn’t amount to much of a scene of job security.  Now that I’ve gone through three full years here, I have a better feeling for what it is to be nailed to a spot.

Speaking of: I can’t say enough how stoked I am to be returning to Seattle next week for vacation.  There’s a spot that I got attached to socially, but professionally not so much so ~ so now I consider it home, a home to go back to, and a home for the future.  But for now, I’ve got to kick the ball around the planet a bit in order to pay the piper and get my bearings for my eventual landing.

Gimcheon is simple. It’s a small town with small schools, and asks very little of me.  Three out of four of my schools are fantastic, and the other is tolerable. I’ve recently taken to leaving town more often so that I can get a better feel for the area I’m in, and I realize that I’m on something of a permanent vacation.  I speak to others, local Koreans, and they plan weeks and months ahead of time for things I would do on a whim.  Things that I plan a month or three for are things that most people here do once or twice in their lifetimes.  It really keeps me bumping myself back into perspective.  I’ve got such a sweet deal here it’s kind of ridiculous.

For example, last weekend, I got Monday off so I decided I’d go hiking.  Got to the train station and the guy told me that the train actually only rides that way twice a week, and I’d have to wait. So I got on the phone and called a friend three hours away on the beach to see what was up. He mentioned a rock show, and I told him I was there. My bag was already packed, and I had the gumption to go. So off I went to Ulsan to see a rock show for some fun. It was dope, we danced and played and drank and chilled. Then the next morning we went for a gorgeous hike that made us late for a baseball game in Daegu, but guess what~ we still made the game! It was awesome.

When foreigners show up at a packed ball game in Korea, it’s actually a big thing.  People were dancing with us and getting their pictures with us, and all sorts of weirdness. My team won, and the home team lost.  What can I say? I came from three hours away – that was my home team.  Go Daegu!

After the game was over we wandered out of the stadium, talking of food.  There we were on the beach, so why not some awesome fish, yea? We found a barbecue shellfish spot that rocked our world.  We had scallops, spotted unicorn (sea snails with a pointy tip), big burly clams, and geoducks.  It was awesome.

Now~ we were enjoying a Sunday evening at that point, as the rock show was on Saturday night, right? So the others had to get back to go to work in the morning, but me, I had Monday off~ and I was at the beach… It was getting late, but I knew where I was headed.

So I meandered off to the beach in a lucid state, looking to just play on the beach.  Much to my pleasure, I was invited by a collection of vacationing Thai ladies to join them in late-night volleyball and variations thereof.  When the sun came up, we went our separate ways…  That was a fantastic experience ~ exactly what I needed.

Looking back, this was the kind of weekend that people only do once a year if that around here. I don’t know how most people live, my people in Seattle are rather extreme when it comes to adventure, so I don’t know what the norm actually is, but I love living a life where I can just hop on a train, see a rock show, go hiking, see a ball game, eat fantastic foods, and roll in the sand with super-friendly ladies all night. Cleaned up at a world-class sauna in the morning for about ten bucks, rolled into Daegu to visit the Nikon shop as I… broke my camera… and they told me that they would fix it for free! Made it home in time for my 4pm bedtime.  This is the life for me…

Now I’m back to work, Tuesday I intro-ed the R/L dichotomy and played three card games, Wednesday same, and now it’s Thursday, 20 minutes on the clock.  I’ll do the same thing for those 20 minutes, and otherwise, I’ll be typing here, and other projects before my graphics practice.

Good times.  Yea, I’m glad to sign in for another year here.  This just doesn’t suck.  Hmm, everything but the girl…  Still accepting applications~

Otherwise, I’m on top of the world…  Time to got to other projects…

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